One of our critical success factors is the dynamics of our team. This team is constituted by dedicated and highly skilled members with decades of experience gained in the banking industry from both the end user (customer) and vendor perspective. Our team, comprising a mix of local & international talents, have successfully delivered solutions within country, across the region and around the world. One of our team's finest trait is it's blend of subject matter & technical expertise.

Separate teams dedicated either for project delivery or for product development maintain a balance between fulfilling deliverables for existing customers and maintaining the momentum in developing new, or enhancing existing, products to meet changing market needs. In anticipation of a positive growth, we are ramping up the total number of knowledge workers to 75% of the total headcount.

The following are customer and partner facing members of our management team:

Head Office
  • Marco Davi, Executive Chairman
  • Ahmad Oliaei, Group Managing Director
  • Anthony Yap, Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Jasmine Wong, Director, Human Resources & Admin
  • Zia Madani, Group Chief Technical Officer
  • Maisie Wong, Director, Sales & Marketing
  • Richard Ou, PMO Director
  • Chong See Chun, PMO Director
  • Farokh Azarnia, PMO Director
  • Ken Wong, Regional Business Development Manager
  • Shaiful Johari, Director, Strategic Marketing
  • Low Chin Hong, Senior Sales Manager
  • Jolyn Oh, Sales Manager
  • Ooi Zhen Yang, Sales Manager
  • Chito Rosales, General Manager (Operations)
  • Joey Maitim, Senior Sales Manager
  • Dennis Chua, Senior Sales Manager
  • Bel Bacay, Finance & Admin Manager
  • Bong Francisco, Senior Software Engineer
  • Jonathan Serrano, Senior Software Engineer
  • GV Thang, Chief Representative
  • Tran Thi Tra My, Finance Officer
  • Jeffry J. Wurangian, JW Consulting (Marketing Partner)
  • Ray Cazier, SVP, Business Development-Americas
  • John Kempisty, Business Development-Americas
Islamic Banking Solutions
  • Shaiful Johari, Director, Strategic Marketing