Rethink your multi-channel strategy. How to rationalize channels effectively to deliver the ultimate customer experience across channels more productively and efficiently

    Mosaic Voyager enhances revenue by:
  • Providing a cost effective means to increase the number of customer touch-point locations at much quicker pace.
  • Improving customer convenience by supporting configurable Straight-Thru-Process with immediate approval and fulfillment.

Mosaic Voyager is a web based multi-channel delivery system built upon Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology and Web 2 concepts.

Mosaic Voyager revolutionizes the way banking delivery channels solutions are deployed, reducing costs, improving productivity and enhancing revenue for both traditional, in-house operated channels and outsourced operated sales & services channel.

    Mosaic Voyager reduces costs by:
  • Increasing operational efficiency via a combination of zero client application footprint and leveraging re-usable, configurable web services.
  • Reducing training needs by using a familiar, web browser based, user friendly interface.

Mosaic Voyager is host independent and gives Financial Institutions the power and agility to connect concurrently to multiple, heterogeneous back office and host systems.

Mosaic Voyager is the dashboard that delivers to your channel Sales & Service team the “Know Your Customer 360°” information, with consistent and unified view for all monetary transactions, customer services, inquiries and information aggregation across multiple information sources.

Mosaic Voyager delivers consistent customer experience across channels & touch-points, enabling Banking Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow.

    Key Features
    Multi-Channel Delivery System
  • Teller System (BDS)
  • Internet/Mobile Banking
  • Advance New Account Opening System
  • Mobile Agents System
  • Bureau de Change System (BDC)
  • Call Centre
  • Kiosk/POS network
  • Online/Offline Operational Modes
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Eliminate Customer Form-Filling (paperless)
  • Customer Information Aggregation
  • Straight-Thru-Processing
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Signature Verification System
  • Greeter & Queuing System
  • Intuitive & Consistent User Interface to
    + Multiple Back Office/Core Systems
    + External/Partner Systems
  • Dedicated & Shared Peripheral Devices
    + Printers/Scanners
    + Signature/PIN Pads
    + Card/Fingerprint Readers
    + Dispensers/Recyclers
  • Fine-Grain User Access Security Control
  • Comprehensive Auto Journaling
  • Flexible User Hierarchy
  • Minimize Data Entry
  • Quick Response Time
  • Efficient Use of Network Bandwidth
  • High Performance, Scalable

A Branch Delivery System for Financial Institutions that prefer a client-server based solution with a clear upgrade path to Mosaic Voyager.

The effective, high performance, conventional retail banking system covering deposits, loans, money transmission, CIF, products & GL. It is targeted at small to medium size bank operations requiring an all-in-one solution, or for larger size bank operations that needs one or more modules to complement their existing portfolio of core banking systems to meet their market needs.

Business Benefits
  • Cost effective, scalable, reliable all-in-one conventional core retail banking solution.
  • Minimize cost and lead time to market with its easy integration & fast development modular design to support new business needs & regulatory requirements.
  • Comprehensive facilities to account, manage & report on performance of deposits & loans.

Technical Benefits
  • Support any front & middle office systems. (BDS, ATM Switch, Internet Banking, etc).
  • High performance, low overhead, modular.
  • Supported on most variants of Unix/Linux OS and a choice of Hardware Server platforms.
    Key Features
    Conventional Retail Banking System (RBS)
  • Retail Deposits
    + Savings, Current & Fixed Deposits
    + Accounts Opening & Closure
    + Cheque Management
    + Deposit Accounting & Reporting
  • Retail Loans
    + Term, Mortgage, Hire/Purchase
    + Loan Origination
    + Loan Booking & Release
    + Loan Monitoring
    + Documents Monitoring
    + Post Dated Cheques Monitoring
    + Loans Accounting & Reporting
  • Funds Transfer
    + Inter-Branch
    + Remittance (TT, DD, TC, etc)
  • Customer Information File (CIF)
    + Individual, Corporate, Govt, Quasi
    + Single, Joint Parties
  • Products Catalog
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Interest, Fees & Commissions
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
  • Batch Transaction Processing
  • Transaction Journal
  • Operational & Management Reports
    + Day/Month/Quarter/Year
    + Ad hoc Reports
  • OLTP interface to Existing Online Systems ATM Switch, BDS, Internet Banking, etc.
  • Option to Integrate With External CIF
  • Option to Post to External GL system
  • OLTP Message Access Service API (FTMS)
  • Data Access Service API (RDBMS)
  • Supported on various Unix/Linux OS

The syariah contracts compliant Islamic retail banking system. Meet today's customer demand for innovative Islamic products to match their needs quickly with assured syariah compliant , business user enabled, contract types creation & associated processes.

Business Benefits
  • Parameterized syariah contracts & associated processes ensure simplicity & compliance, enabling business user creation of variations of syariah contracts and even for "mix & match" contracts.
  • Adheres to global Islamic banking requirements & configurable to meet syariah logistic needs.
  • Support a full range of syariah compliant standard source of funds & financing contracts.

Technical Benefits
  • Virtually eliminates IT spend on development resources to meet business user needs for evolving Islamic source of funds & financing products.
  • Support any front & middle office system. (BDS, ATM Switch, Internet Banking, etc)
  • Support a comprehensive OLTP & Batch transaction set
    Key Features
    Islamic Retail Banking System (iRBS)
  • Source Of Funds (Savings, Current & Investment)
    + Qard - interest free loan
    + Wadiah - savings with guarantee
    + Mudharabah - profit sharing
    + Musyarakah - joint venture
  • Asset Based Financing
    + Murabaha - cost plus
    + Bai Al inah - sell and buy back
    + Bai Istisnaa - purchase order
    + Al Bai Bithaman Ajil - deferred payment
    + Tawarruq - cost plus sale for cash
    + Bai Salam - future delivery
  • Lease Based Financing
    + Ijarah - leasing
    + Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek - lease then sell
  • Equity based Financing
    + Mudharabah - profit sharing
    + Musyarakah - joint venture
    + Musyarakah Mutanakisah - diminishing equity
  • Centralized Customer Info
  • Organization unit
  • Contract & Product Parameters
  • Pricing & Amortized - Payment
  • Pricing & Amortized - Rental
  • Equity - P&L Distribution
  • Hibah & PLSR Computation
  • Accrual (optional)
  • Transaction Definition
  • Fee Based Computation
  • Rebate computation
  • Penalty Computation
  • Account Status Tracking
  • Account Conditioning
  • Account Transfer
  • Risk Management
  • Cheque management
  • Passbook Management
  • GL Interfaces
  • Statements and Notices
  • Flexible Reporting

Transform bank branches from service outlet cost centres, to sales outlet profit generators. Analyse organization & products sales performance. Track & monitor sales. Motivate & incentivize your head office, branch & outsourced sales force to meet or exceed target. Review and adjust the focus of your sales force to meet your organization's immediate objectives

Business Benefits
  • Analyse Sales Force & Products Sales Performance
  • Track & Monitor Sales
  • Reward & Incentivize Sales Force
  • Review & Adjust Sales Force Focus

Technical Benefits
  • Online Reports Distribution
  • Browser Based Clients
  • Windows Servers & .Net Platform
Key Features
Business Performance Analysis System

Sales Monitoring
  • Pre Sales Tracking
  • Sales Cycle Tracking
  • Post Sales Tracking

Incentive Calculation & Payment
  • Sales Force
  • Sales Lead Generators
  • STP to HR system for payment

Performance Analytics
  • Individual Salesperson
  • Sales Team
  • Product
  • Product Category
  • Aggregate, Slice & Dice, Drill-Down

Reports Distribution
  • Head Office
  • Regions
  • Sub-Regions / Branch Managers
  • Product Owners

Open Industry Standards
  • Browser Based Clients
  • .Net Platform
  • Windows Servers

Deploying & controlling the distribution of application & system software releases and patches frequently in a timely & secure way without impacting an organisation’s daily operations capability is a major challenge for many organizations with thousands of machines, spread across a wide geography of branch & office locations. Manual distributions are resource intensive, slow, expensive & disruptive. Most standard off-the-shelf solutions do not cater for congested networks, security, integrity or audit needs.

CSDS is designed to meet these challenges, automating & controlling the distribution & deployment securely, and in a timely manner, without impacting normal operations, even across congested networks!

Business Benefits
  • Savings in manual resources & logistics.
  • Timely, secure, automated & audited distributions without impacting normal operations.
  • Improved distribution quality & reliability through automation

Technical Benefits
  • Support low bandwidth/congested networks.
  • Flexible scheduling with support for scripted and rule based deployment.
Key Features
Consolsys Software Distribution System

Monitor Console
  • GUI based, User Definable Reports
  • Comprehensive Status by Stage
  • Ad-Hoc Status Retrieval
  • User Access Control with Audit

Flexible Topography
  • Cascaded Multi-Level Distribution
  • Parallel Multi-Target Distribution

Inventory & Tracking
  • Software & Patches by Machine
  • Hardware Configuration by Machine

Rule Based Deployment
  • by Target OS, CPU / Speed
  • by Software pre-requisite
  • by Hardware pre-requisite

Script Support
  • Pre, Post Load & Rollback Scripts
  • Any Windows supported
  • Script Accurate, Audiotable, Repeatable

  • Versioning & Patching

Low Bandwidth Support
  • Incremental Packaging at Source
  • Differential Patching at Target

  • Message Authentication Coding
  • Message Checksums

Guaranteed Delivery
  • Package Sequencing
  • Checkpoint & Auto-Resume

Flexible Scheduling
  • “Best time of day”
  • Suspend & Resume functions

Best Route
  • Multi-Node
  • Multi-Drop

Network Address Translation

Support Multi-Level NAT
Other Solutions

  • CPS - Cheque Processing System
    We enable banks to achieve cheque truncation via our Inward Cheque Clearing System (ICCS), Outward Cheque Clearing System (OCCS) and Signature Verification System (SVS).

  • SVS - Signature Verification System
    Store, manage and relate digitally captured signatures to associated customers & accounts for ease of compliance to regulatory maintenance policy and for easy retrieval to facilitate verification of signatures anywhere, anytime.

  • FAS - Fingerprint Authentication System
    This is developed based on biometrics technology to automatically identify & verify a person based on his physical (fingerprint) characteristics.

  • MyKad - Chip Based National Identity Card Reader System
    Provide integration of chip based national identity card data capture for existing Teller systems.

  • CS-IDP - Consolsys Identity Provider
    Automatically provide & manages user identity & credentials required by communications infrastructure system components & services, transparently from applications & users.

  • CS-IPC/JIPC - Consolsys Internet Protocol Concentrator
    Helps to reduce the host system's communications overhead by reducing the number of concurrent connections needed to back-end hosts. CS-JIPC supports the same for java based hosts.

  • Host-2-Host Gateway
    This Gateway interfaces with various bank back-office & third-party applications.

  • Banking Peripherals & Devices Interfaces
    Interfaces to devices such as pass book printers, fingerprint readers & other specialized Teller devices.

  • Workflow Access Services
    Provide integration to workflow engines.

  • Data Access Services
    Provide integration to databases & datamarts such as DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL & flat files.